Hello Kitty Cupcake Cake

 This is my favourite.  I put together 37 cupcakes to create this cute hello Kitty cake.

Buttercream Recipe:
1 cup butter at room temperature
4 cups sifted icing sugar
1 tablespoon vanilla extract
3 tablespoon milk

The amount of icing sugar, vanilla extract, and milk can be modified to suit your taste.  Beat the butter until smooth then add the rest of the ingredients beat everything on medium speed on electric beater until smooth.  Enjoy!
Hello Kitty in her turtle.  Baby its cold out here.
-31 with -40 windchill.

Pipped roses on individual cupcakes using Wilton tip #1M.  Cover
gaps with more icing.

This is how I arranged the ube cupcakes.  37 all together.


Anonymous said…
Awesome cake!! What did you use to make the face? I'm fairly new to baking and would like to try this!
The face I used fondant to make her eyes, nose, whiskers and bow. I dyed the fondant with gel colours. You can buy them at Micheal's craft store in their baking aisle.
Anonymous said…
Hi there, can you tell me what size board you used? Thanks.
I used a 15" by 20" cake board. I used a foam board and then wrapped them with floral foil.
I also doubled up the foam board so its extra thick and it wont fall apart on you.
Anonymous said…
Do you share your icing recipie you used for this cake :) ? Thanks so much!
I use all butter on my buttercream. Check out the updated version of this post where I also posted the buttercream recipe.
Anonymous said…
Hi there! Very cute Hello Kitty! Can you please tell me if you used regular cupcakes or mini ones? Thanks so much!
Hi Anonymous! I used regular cupcakes.

thank you! I used regular cupcakes. thank you for visiting

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